Gig #1 – T.Chances, London, 25.3.2017

After only two rehearsals due to time restraints, we were as ready as we could be for this show. We went through each song on the set list a total of four times, and we were feeling confident ahead of our first gig, which was in an established punk rock venue in Tottenham. My other band Paperfriend were organising the show and headlining, so I saw it as a good opportunity to get pawncapture playing live.

The journey to the venue was hard as we contended with huge levels of traffic and only arrived at the venue fifteen minutes before the opening artist Martin Morris (who was also travelling with us) was due to go on stage, despite leaving plenty of time. Sometimes driving in London can be unpredictable! The gig was delayed by about half an hour or so to allow Martin to set up – fortunately main support band Audrey, Start The Revolution arrived on time and helped the sound engineer to get everything set up prior to our arrival! Martin delivered a decent set as per usual, combining his powerful voice with loop pedal trickery to create a sound bigger than one man should ever be able to.

It was our turn next, and due to only having two band members it didn’t take long to set our gear up. Without so much as announcing who we were, we started off with Sea Creature. We were well aware that nobody really knew what to expect from us, which was both nerve wracking and exciting! Fortunately the crowd response was good and a fair few people were present throughout our set. We performed the following songs:

  1. Sea Creature
  2. Trial and Error
  3. Sertraline
  4. The Caves
  5. The Horses
  6. Line in the Sand

The set was tight, especially for a band playing their first gig, and I think we’ve won a few people over with our performance. It was really enjoyable performing with my long time friend Andy, playing music just as we’ve always done throughout our friendship but this time to an audience, and the experience has left us wanting more.

Fortunately we will get the opportunity to do this again as we are once again supporting Paperfriend, this time at The Attic in Ashford on May 6 with Hunting Holly (an “indie frigging rock” band according to their Facebook page – they’re really good by the way) and Charlie Dee, an acoustic singer-songwriter. We’re really looking forward to it and will write a blog article about that show after it happens.

For now, take it easy!



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