Gig #2 – The Attic, Ashford, 6.5.2017

The second pawncapture show started better than the first one as we actually arrived on time to this show! The venue was quite hard to find and lugging a 23kg guitar amp up four flights of stairs will never be fun, but once we were loaded in we could relax as we had loads of time before our sound check.

We came across one major problem during our sound check – Andy’s snare was broken, so we had to borrow Paperfriend drummer Chris’ snare to get through our show. The show itself was mostly decent even though I knocked one of my guitar strings out of tune during Sertraline by playing too aggressively! Unfortunately in a two piece band it’s harder to hide these things, but I was able to tune up during the middle verse so the end of the song was in tune.

I feel both myself and Andy are getting more comfortable with performing as a two-piece now, it’s a completely different beast compared to performing in a three or four-piece, the stage often looks empty and there are less band members to bounce off with stage banter. I was moving around the stage a lot more than in our first show, partially because I was more confident but also because the stage was a bit bigger!

Kudos to The Attic for being a really cool intimate venue, and the other bands that played were all great too! Hopefully we’ll be back.


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